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Ideal Pillow


Ideal pillow is a new revolutionary design pillow which can deal with common problems that other pillows in the market cannot serve.

What you will have in the order?
Ideal Pillow – Therapeutic, Insert x 1
I Ideal Pillow – Therapeutic, pillow case x 2 (FREE)


Materials : Memory foam, highest grade supportive foam
Inner Pillow case: 100 % polyester
Outer Pillow case: 100 % polyester. Water proof, hypoallergic lining, strong resistance to discolourise

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Two materials

Ventilation design

Alternate Height


Ideal pillow is a new revolutionary design pillow which can deal with common problems that other pillows in the market cannot serve.  The function of a pillow is not just bringing you comforting but good support to the intricate structures of the head, neck and shoulders. Also, it should be adjustable to fit different body types. In order that, Ideal Pillow is focusing on these criteria and after a long journey of design and testing process to optimise the quality and results, it has been finally come to the market.

  • 30 days trial to Ideal pillow ( T& C apply)

If, unfortunately, you are not satisfied with the quality or Ideal Pillow cannot help with your condition, you can request for a full refund. We promise that how much we receive how much we refund to our customers.  We may have some souvenir to our customers, if you like you can keep it even you request for a refund. 

  • 2 years quality guarantee. ( T& C apply)

We are using the highest quality foam to build Ideal pillow; the quality is guaranteed. We offer that if the pillow’s shape changed (particular area is sunken) within 2 years, you can have a full refund protection as if unsatisfied full refund in 30 days trial.

  • Professional care team to assist all our customers

All our customers can register to our online health discussion group, our professional team members will answer the questions that our customers want to know, including how to use our products effectively and information regarding health conditions. Just like you have a friend who is professional and you can ask any health-related question whenever you like. Can you imagine how great and convenience it is? Remember, it is an online consultation forum and answered by health professions. Moreover, it is FREE of charge! Our normal consultation fee is AUD$3/ min, but now it will be free for our customers with unlimited consultation times.

  • EC health Doc. (complete version) ( simplify version for free download)

It is a super easy and professional self-assessment as well as maintenance programme document to bring you a health life. All our Ideal Pillow customers will receive a free document, which is a 3 days acute pain and maintenance training programme designed by a chiropractor for neck and shoulder pain clients. If you have neck and shoulder issue, you can follow the training programme to help by yourself and reach a pain free target. It cost AUD $30 in clinic and now it is free for all Ideal Pillow customers.

  • Secret self-assessment document

All our Ideal Pillow customers will receive a second document which is related to how do a chiropractor assess patients with head, neck and shoulder issues, you can also learn how to do self-assessment to find out the cause of your conditions. Moreover, some recommended exercise will be involved as well. The estimated value for this document is AUD$ 50. It is free for you now.

  • Free pillow cases x2

Ideal Pillow has a unique contour, so a perfect fit pillow case is necessary. There are two different types of pillow cases available; one for replacement and one for better ventilation use during washing.  The pillow has water proof and hypo-allergy features, it can protect the inner foam as well and decrease the chance of getting allergy. The retailing price will be AUD $20 and $30 respectively. Now, you will get both types pillow cases for free.

  • Special offer in promotion

We offer our customers that whatever the price and numbers purchased in promotion. The customers can enjoy to use the same price to purchase the same number of products once again in future within one year. This is encouraging our customers to share their experience to families and friends; if they are interested, they can enjoy the same offer. The more you purchase in promotion time, the more you can lock the price for future.

  • Limited amount, limited promotion time and limit promotion price of sales

In order to make sure the highest quality and well service of all our customers, we will limit to sell 3800 pieces of Ideal Pillow in the first year. The promotion time will start from Sept to October 2022 via kickstarter. During the promotion time, you can enjoy a super discount for Ideal pillow. The price list can be found below.  Remind you that the super discount price amount is limited. If you want to get this price without lost. You can now register and put you email below and we will send you email 24 hours before the campaign start. You will not see the same price anymore in future, DON’T LOST this chance to save money and invest to your health wisely. You are not just lost a pillow but you lost a chance to get rid of your nightmare with helping by enthusiastic professions. This cost is very high