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Using Ideal pillow as if you wear new shoes, you take some times to get used to it and later you love it.


If you are one of the following people please check with this website out carefully, it may change your life:

Suffering from cervicogenic headache

Suffering from tender neck or shoulder muscles

Chronic neck and shoulder problem with on and off treatment results.

Body builder, higher body weight, wide shoulder and cannot find a good side sleeping pillow

Feeling tired on neck and shoulder every day when you wake up

Very high demanding on a good supportive pillow with back and side sleeping at posture the same time.

Want to have a well maintenance on your neck and upper back curvature

Introduction of Ideal pillow

The true function of a pillow is not just bringing you comforting but good support to the intricate structures of the head, neck and shoulders. Also, it should be adjustable to fit different body types. In order that, Ideal Pillow is focusing on these criteria and after a long journey of design and testing process to optimise the quality and results, it has been finally come to the market.

Ideal pillow is a new revolutionary pillow which is designed by an Australian accredited chiropractor. It can deal with common problems that other pillows in the market cannot serve. Moreover, it has international patents which designed for enhancing a perfect balance in between comfort and support as well as adjustable height for various body types. Furthermore, for the structural design, it consists of NINE components with TWO different materials which can completely fulfil three main functions a pillow. Ideal pillow is the most complicated pillow you can find in the market.

Five more main features

Ideal pillow has Five more features, first of all, the contour of the pillow is true ergonomic design for back and side sleeping position. Both edges of pillow are higher which is for side sleeping position, where in the middle of pillow is normal height for back sleeping posture.

Secondly, it is the first pillow in the world that can exchange the height of neck support, which can facilitate the improvement of neck curve for therapeutic purpose.

 Ideal pillow has in total FOUR different height levels for various shoulder wideness in side sleeping position. This is good news for the side sleepers (especially for the one who have higher body weight and body builders). It just like a customer made pillow which perfectly fit your body; it has ultimate support to the head in side sleeping position. You will no longer feel your shoulder tension when you sleep on your side. Appropriate side sleeping support on neck may be beneficial to improve in the shoulder height discrepancy and release the tension of shoulder muscles.

 Moreover, the head contact area has two-centimetre-high wave form structure which design for upgrading the ventilation as well as serve an extra comfort on contact surface.

 Last but not least, the whole pillow height can be adjusted to fit the firmness of mattress and different body types, which can bring out the best supporting and comforting experience to you.

Features and Benefits


Benefits of IDEAL PILLOW

Consist for two foam materials (top layer memory foam and supportive foam)

Enhance a perfect balance in between comfortable and supportive

Revolutionary ergonomic design for back and side sleeping at the same piece of pillow

Perfect support on back sleeping and side sleeping posture

Well maintain the neck curvature in back sleeping, and the neck and upper thoracic alignment in side sleeping

Good relief the tension on neck and shoulder muscles

Exchangeable neck support design

Maintain a good neck curvature

Improve the neck curvature by adjusting an interchangeable foam

Good relief for tender cervical muscles by increasing a traction force comfortably

Alternative height for side sleeping

(in total up to 4 levels height, 11cm, 13cm,14cm and 16cm)

Fit for different shoulder wideness of people, especially for body builders or higher weight people.

2 cm high wave form support zone

Improve the ventilation on the contact surface, both in the back of your head and your lovely face.

Adjustable whole pillow height

Fit for different body types

Adjustable for matching different firmness of mattress to provide optimal height of the pillow

3D Comic Explanation of The Function

Main designer background

Penny Chow an Australian accredit chiropractor who graduated in Macquarie University in 2015. Before that, he graduated in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University with Higher Diploma and Bachelor in Nursing in 2003 and 2005 respectively. He was in medical field for more than 18 years. In the past decade, he had learnt many different treatment skills and techniques, including Chinese medicine treatment skills from a Chinese practitioner, craniosacral therapy by teachers from Upledger institution, and obtain a paediatric chiropractic certification from Dr. Braden Keil who is the leader in paediatric chiropractic in Australia. After years of experience, he has his own skills to treat headache, neck and shoulder problems quickly and effectively; and thousands of his clients enjoyed the results.

Why Choose Ideal pillow

1/3 life time on bed with pillow- enhance daily performance, keep out of neck pain and headache

Buying a good pillow is an investment for your health, if you buy a cheap product, you will know the cost!

It is very hard to make a balance in between comfortable and good support, but we made it. the solution is using 2 materials with 9 components instead of tradition design –only one material and a free size.

From design, testing to final product, we took 2 and a half year to make it happen. We make sure the function and quality is in optimal level (testing included by different body types with surveys, different types of top cover memory foam and compression endurance test- 4 months in a vacuum bag!)

We care about if you have allergy, so a pillow case has been sent to laboratory test for potential allergy substance free as well as it is water resisted which can be well protect the high quality of the foam.

Product Specification and Caring

Materials : Memory foam, highest grade supportive foam

Inner Pillow case: 100 % polyester

Outer Pillow case: 100 % polyester. Water proof, hypoallergic lining, strong resistance to discolourise

Care : pillow

The designer and Ideal pillow Story:

My name is Penny an Australian accredit chiropractor who graduated in Macquarie University in 2015. Before that, I graduated in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University with Bachelor of Nursing (2003). I was in medical field for more than 17 years. In the past decade, I have learnt many different treatment skills and techniques, including Chinese medicine treatment skills from a Chinese practitioner, craniosacral therapy by teachers from Upledger institution, and obtain a paediatric chiropractic certification from Dr. Braden Keil who is the leader in paediatric chiropractic. After years of experience, I have my own skills to treat headache, neck and shoulder problem quickly and effectively and the majority of my clients enjoy the results.

One day in May, 2017, my client Jennifer, who suffered from chronic neck pain for 2 years, asked me: “where can I find a good pillow”. My answer was “Unfortunately, I am sorry, you need a good supporting pillow in both back and side sleeping posture, but in the market, I cannot find one!”. Then she was so disappointed and said “if you know how to treat people and how would be a good pillow, why don’t you create one for the sufferers like me?” This statement kept in my mind until I became one of them! In the same year, I had to take care of my lovely daughter Peony, and I had to keep my side lying posture to bottle-feed her and comforted her to sleep, I started having my neck pain and limited my neck movement. In order that, I thought it was the time to make something different for myself and my clients.

It has been spent hundreds of hours (from design to final trial it took two and a half years) on designing and testing Ideal Pillow by measuring and calculation of different combination from various types of materials, density and thickness to optimize the best balance in between comfort and support.  After 6 months physical testing by professions, Ideal Pillow was passed all the criteria.

With limited resource and corona virus outbreak it made the situation worse and out of our plan. Although the condition was hard, we had to keep moving to complete mission.

Our aim is going to help those people who suffered from neck pain and headache and facilitate those with poor sleep pattern. We are not just selling you a product, instead, we are using our professional knowledge to assist you to get rid of your problem. We will go though it together!

Additional professional service for fee

Once you order Ideal Pillow, you will automatically be the member of our online forum. In there, you can ask any questions regarding the Ideal Pillow or your health condition. Our professional team will answer your questions without any charge!

Your help can make our dream comes true and which can be beneficial to the world. Our new idea needs backers to support.

Ideal Pillow is an international design and which is the only one you can find in the market. Moreover, we believe this revolutionary design can lead the pillow design to a new step in the future.

Pillow case

Warranty & Returns

30 days free trial, 2 years quality guarantee ( details )


Worldwide ( shipping fee and tax will be counted separately)

Take Care of Ideal Pillow

Ideal pillow is made by nine components and which is glued manually. In order to maintain a good sustainable function. There are some important points that you should know.

Do not bend the pillow to make it as a cushion

Do not wring the pillow

Do not sit on the pillow, this can tear the glue and memory foam structure apart.

No pillow fight by using Ideal pillow

Our Irresistible Promises

We are not just running a business to sell products; we aim at helping our clients to get rid of their difficulties. By giving you a confident, we have SEVEN irresistible offers for you.

  • 30 days trial to Ideal pillow ( T& C apply)

If, unfortunately, you are not satisfied with the quality or Ideal Pillow cannot help with your condition, you can request for a full refund. We promise that how much we receive how much we refund to our customers.  We may have some souvenir to our customers, if you like you can keep it even you request for a refund. 

  • 2 years quality guarantee. ( T& C apply)

We are using the highest quality foam to build Ideal pillow; the quality is guaranteed. We offer that if the pillow’s shape changed (particular area is sunken) within 2 years, you can have a full refund protection as if unsatisfied full refund in 30 days trial.

  • Professional care team to assist all our customers

All our customers can register to our online health discussion group, our professional team members will answer the questions that our customers want to know, including how to use our products effectively and information regarding health conditions. Just like you have a friend who is professional and you can ask any health-related question whenever you like. Can you imagine how great and convenience it is? Remember, it is an online consultation forum and answered by health professions. Moreover, it is FREE of charge! Our normal consultation fee is AUD$3/ min, but now it will be free for our customers with unlimited consultation times.

  • EC health Doc. (complete version) ( simplify version for free download)

It is a super easy and professional self-assessment as well as maintenance programme document to bring you a health life. All our Ideal Pillow customers will receive a free document, which is a 3 days acute pain and maintenance training programme designed by a chiropractor for neck and shoulder pain clients. If you have neck and shoulder issue, you can follow the training programme to help by yourself and reach a pain free target. It cost AUD $30 in clinic and now it is free for all Ideal Pillow customers.

  • Secret self-assessment document

All our Ideal Pillow customers will receive a second document which is related to how do a chiropractor assess patients with head, neck and shoulder issues, you can also learn how to do self-assessment to find out the cause of your conditions. Moreover, some recommended exercise will be involved as well. The estimated value for this document is AUD$ 50. It is free for you now.

  • Free pillow cases x2

Ideal Pillow has a unique contour, so a perfect fit pillow case is necessary. There are two different types of pillow cases available; one for replacement and one for better ventilation use during washing.  The pillow has water proof and hypo-allergy features, it can protect the inner foam as well and decrease the chance of getting allergy. The retailing price will be AUD $20 and $30 respectively. Now, you will get both types pillow cases for free.

  • Special offer in promotion

We offer our customers that whatever the price and numbers purchased in promotion. The customers can enjoy to use the same price to purchase the same number of products once again in future within one year. This is encouraging our customers to share their experience to families and friends; if they are interested, they can enjoy the same offer. The more you purchase in promotion time, the more you can lock the price for future.

  • Limited amount, limited promotion time and limit promotion price of sales

In order to make sure the highest quality and well service of all our customers, we will limit to sell 3800 pieces of Ideal Pillow in the first year. The promotion time will start from Sept to October 2022 via kickstarter. During the promotion time, you can enjoy a super discount for Ideal pillow. The price list can be found below.  Remind you that the super discount price amount is limited. If you want to get this price without lost. You can now register and put you email below and we will send you email 24 hours before the campaign start. You will not see the same price anymore in future, DON’T LOST this chance to save money and invest to your health wisely. You are not just lost a pillow but you lost a chance to get rid of your nightmare with helping by enthusiastic professions. This cost is very high

Kind reminder

This is a limited time, limited amount and limited price promotion; moreover, we have seven irresistible offers to you to provide you extra value and erase your worries. Do you have a reason to reject this great value offer to invest to your health?

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